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The search for wholeness...Each individual, by telling his or her story to someone who knows how to listen and give new meanings back, has the chance to learn more completely about himself or herself. Dreams as well as other non-verbal adjuncts to therapy provide ways to gain access, through symbols, to the language of the unconscious, and are useful in providing guidance and meaning to individuals engaged in the process of achieving wholeness.
Individuals entering into therapy are encouraged to talk about the thoughts and feelings that surface, about the therapy itself, or about the therapist. ...is easier when there's two.This expression of feelings is important because aspects of one's earliest attachments, as well as hostilities toward parents and siblings, are often transferred onto the therapist and onto the process of therapy. This phenomenon, called 'transference', presents a ready source of rich material that leads to understanding, for it offers the opportunity to re-experience and re-work important feelings arising from the past, with the maturity of the present.

Individuation: The Journey Toward Wholeness