Why Psychotherapy?
What is Jungian Psychotherapy?
The Benefits of Psychotherapy

Wholeness is the ultimate goal of therapy, achieved by teaching us to accept and integrate all of our parts. InsightJungian psychotherapy provides a unique opportunity to re-experience our past with someone who can illuminate it in a new and different way, making connections between past and current dynamics. This process allows us to gain insight into the way we relate to ourselves and others. With these new insights we are able to decide for ourselves, in the present, how we want to behave, rather than have that choice made for us by our unconscious minds. Jungian psychotherapy helps people experience life more fully Knowledgeand deeply, improve relationships, resolve painful conflicts, and integrate more completely all parts of our personalities. Jungian psychotherapy brings hope for a greater sense of wholeness and well-being, and develops our ability to grow and change within ourselves and in relationships. Life then becomes richer, holding deeper meaning for us as we know ourselves in all our complex aspects.

Individuation: The Journey Toward Wholeness