The earliest days of life.Personality begins forming from the earliest days of life, when our uniquely inherited natures come into contact with our environment. As we grow, we pass through several normal developmental stages that require us to negotiate tasks that involve the building of such important personal foundations as trust, autonomy, and initiative, to name a few. During these formative years, while we are negotiating life's tasks, events may occur that cause us to develop maladaptive responses to people and situations; such patterns may continue to interfere with our overall development.

While we grow as a whole, we may still carry fragments of ourselves that didn't have the opportunity to develop fully. We may appear to others as mature adults who function quite successfully, We carry our past.while inside we experience feelings of inadequacy, over sensitivity, moodiness, stress intolerance, excessive fear and anger, anxiety, confusion and/or depression. We may not feel able to manage rejection and loss, handle life challenges or allow others to know our real feelings; sometimes we may not be aware of how we feel and what we want for ourselves. Our energy may suffer, and we may become more prone to headaches, stomachaches, back pain, fatigue, illness and other symptoms.

Individuation: The Journey Toward Wholeness