Why Psychotherapy?
What is Jungian Psychotherapy?
The Benefits of Psychotherapy

The dynamic approach to psychotherapy originated with the work of Dr. Sigmund Freud in Vienna in the late nineteenth century and was advanced by others to include Dr. Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist who studied with Freud.
The UnconsciousAs with Freud, Jung believed in an unconscious part of the mind which could be accessed through the analysis of dreams, their symbolic meaning, and the associations that the dreamer makes to the dream. We gain entry to our unconscious minds through self examination of our thoughts, images and behaviors, as well as through observing the ways in which we see others and view the world.
Be all you can be.Jungian psychotherapy provides a unique way of understanding ourselves, our emotions and of helping us with our relationships and personal problems. In Jungian psychotherapy our problems are understood in the context of the whole person. Our motivation and personal commitment to understand ourselves in a psychologically relevant way are seen as the most important keys to becoming whole and conscious individuals, who follow their own path toward becoming the most that they can be.

Individuation: The Journey Toward Wholeness